2. The indispensable electronic weighing system!

L'indispensable pesée électronique

The PROFILE 70 Series is equipped with a simple weighing system, as standard, with a ration programming module.

L'indispensable pesée électronique

The KDW 340 control box covers all requirements, for farmers who want a straightforward « weighing machine », or those that would like to program different rations for different herds of animals.
The 3D support means that the KDW 340 terminal can be positioned for optimum readability whatever the lighting and loading point.

The PROFILE 70 Series range can comes with the PACK CONNECT as an option. This consists of the main KDW 340 terminal described above, a « radio » recall display to place in the cab of the loader, and a data transfer system.

With the PACK CONNECT you can work in optimum conditions with the traceability necessary for today's good feeding management.